How Parts Suppliers Can Win POs & Support Airlines & MROs with Automated Buying
Automation, algorithms and supply chain advancements are not just for buyers. Learn how suppliers can benefit from automated buying
In the Hot Seat with AviTrader MRO Aerospace Magazine
Our CEO Erkki Brakmann recently took to the AviTrader hot seat to speak about all things SkySelect and his thoughts on the industry.
Interview with MRO Business Today: SkySelect’s Plan of Action and Much More....
In an Exclusive Interview with Erkki Brakmann, CEO, SkySelect, he speaks about the partnership with S7 Technics, and how COVID-19 pandemic helped them strive harder by coming out of their comfort zones and adapting to newer normal.
S7 Technics and SkySelect Collaborate to Revolutionize S7’s Aircraft Parts Purchasing Process
SkySelect and S7 Technics have announced a collaborative relationship promoting the accelerated transformation of the parts purchasing process for its air transportation and maintenance operations.
Amount of Readily Available Inventory up from 50% to 80% Since Start of COVID Pandemic
A huge opportunity exists to leverage the availability of new and aftermarket parts
SkySelect CEO Erkki Brakmann's Q&A with Aviation Maintenance Magazine
Aviation Maintenance Magazine spoke to Erkki Brakmann, founder and CEO about the opportunities that exist for airlines and MROs.
Azul Linhas Aéreas Revolutionizes Its Parts Purchasing Process Thanks to SkySelect’s Cutting-Edge System
Azul Linhas Aéreas and SkySelect have been working closely together to transform the carrier’s aircraft parts purchasing process.
SkySelect CEO Erkki Brakmann Featured on Times Aerospace TV
SkySelect CEO Erkki Brakmann joined Times Aerospace TV to discuss the aircraft parts opportunity that exists for airlines
Airlines & MROs Can Save Millions by Leveraging Surplus of Aircraft Parts
New market developments have created a huge opportunity for MROs and airlines to leverage the surplus of parts to sharply reduce material costs.
SkySelect Signs TAP Air Portugal to Transform The Carrier’s Aircraft Parts Purchasing
Excited to announce we’ve signed TAP Air Portugal to help transform the carrier’s aircraft parts purchasing process.
SkySelect Helps Magnetic MRO Fully Integrate the Supply Chain of Aircraft Parts
SkySelect and Magnetic MRO are unlocking tangible cost savings in aircraft maintenance through a fully integrated supply chain of aircraft parts.
Keeping Teams Together While Being So Far Apart
Through it all, SkySelect has stayed united and stuck together by always making time for one another, even across 10 different time zones.
Do More with Less! Automate Your Purchasing with SkySelect
Discover how you can do more with less by enlisting SkySelect as your parts purchasing technology, saving you both time and money.
How Automation Can Improve Decision Making for Aircraft Parts Purchasing
New automation tools, AI and workflows are replacing manual processes, making it possible to run more efficient and cost-effective aircraft maintenance.
New Sourcing Automation, Improved Analytics & More
Aircraft parts buyers can now benefit from more automation and analytics, including sourcing automation and supplier performance highlights.