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REST-based API and specialized integrations.
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As a manager, I don’t always know if we are objectively getting the best deal on the market or making the best use of our limited time. Using SkySelect, we were able to manage a large number of quotes faster and eliminate emails by having all Rotable quotes and messages pass through SkySelect. The result was a compliant process that gave us efficiency and cost savings at the same time.

Keith McGuire, Procurement Manager - Technical Operations

For the last three years SkySelect has been a strong partner in our daily operation. The Sourcing Module has become an integral part of our AOG & Operational Purchasing and Compliance Reporting Process. Now SkySelect is not only automating our RFQs, but also working to automate the supplier selection and digitalization or our purchasing process

Esteban Luconi, Line Maintenance Planning & Purchasing Director

SkySelect operates an online platform helping airline industry buyers connect with suppliers to procure millions of aircraft parts globally. Our technology enables automated sourcing and order management with a wide unrestricted supplier network. We offer quoting workflows, order and repair management and logistics follow-up.
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