[eBook] A Qualitative Review Of Aviation Industry Challenges, Experiences, And Strategies

As the aviation industry continues to strive to become a more diverse and inclusive workforce, SkySelect has rounded up some of the top women leaders in aviation and interviewed them to get their perspective on the state of the industry, including topics such as:

- Diversity and inclusion
- The importance of mentorship
- The effects of the Covid pandemic
- The challenges and rewards of the aviation industry
- Sustainability
- Technology and digitalization
- The future outlook of the industry

We had the privilege to hear from some of the best leaders in the aviation industry to get their take on the industry, learn from their own personal experiences, and get an understanding of what the future holds for aviation:

- Grace Regillo, Senior Director, Strategic Procurement – ACM and Technical Services at Air Canada
- Soudeh Mansourian, Managing Director, HR Services - Employee Experience & Insights at United Airlines
- Liliana Bocanegra is the Technical Procurement Director at Avianca
- Maria Azcue, Head of Transformation at Aer Lingus
- Lehua Torres, Director of Material Management at Hawaiian Airlines

This study celebrates the success of women in aviation, shares their stories, and encourages more young women to choose this career path, now that there are more opportunities possible than ever before. 

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