Suppliers, Gain Unprecedented Insights into Parts Quotes

Automatically see where each part stands in terms of price, response time, and lead time.

We’ve experienced tremendous advances in the way aircraft parts are being transacted throughout the last few years. However, most of these improvements have been made for the buyer, while suppliers get little attention. We’re happy to be changing that at SkySelect because the best way to create a better ecosystem is by making a better experience for all parties. 

Specifically, one area where suppliers have been asking for more is in terms of Quote Feedback. Historically, suppliers have operated in a black box. After a quote is sent, they fly blind and only know if their price is competitive if they win the order. 

The only way to get any feedback was by manually reaching out to the buyer, who typically didn’t have the time to accommodate such requests. 

Although it’s so important for suppliers, they garnered so little feedback on quotes. However, all of that has changed with our new insights rollout! We now offer an unprecedented level of insights to suppliers. 

We’ve made tracking and visualizing parts easier than ever with a Red-Yellow-Green traffic light system. Within the blink of an eye, automatically see where each part stands in terms of price, response time, and lead time. This analytics is always right at your fingertips!

Price: The most valuable element of feedback in the industry, we give great indications on how your price compares with your competition. 

Response Time: With a range of integration and catalog-sharing options available, we’re here to help you hit green on response time and be one of the first results the buyer sees. 

Lead Time: Our insights on lead-time can form intelligent stocking decisions, maybe you’re seeing a repeat part where you’re green for price and response time, stocking the part could make the difference. 

Now suppliers have new levels of actionable data and can ensure more success on more quotes — like never before! 

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