SkySelect Transforms JetBlue Airways’ Traditional Procurement Process with Its Procurement AI Platform

Business Type
Low-cost carrier (LCC)
≈300 Airbus & Embraer aircraft
SkySelect Procurement AI
The Challenge

As one of the largest airlines in the United States, JetBlue Airways’ buying team is faced with a very challenging task — keeping a fleet of nearly 300 aircraft off the ground and in service by ensuring critical parts are available precisely when they are needed. Especially for a LCC running lean operations, it’s critical to keep aircrafts flying as often as possible. 

JetBlue Airways needed to find a better way of working that allowed its nimble, but small staff to work more efficiently. The airline was looking to get more done in less time by leveraging automation.

The organization looked for an AI technology to replace its traditional parts procurement processes.

We love working with airlines with the size and statute of JetBlue because it shows off the true abilities of our Procurement AI Platform. By leveraging our expertise and technology, we’ve been able to help JetBlue scale their operations to support hundreds of aircraft with a small team.
Tulika Dayal
CXO and Co-founder at SkySelect
Impact & Outcome

JetBlue Airways chose SkySelect as its AI technology partner because of the software company’s track record of leading digital transformation and change management at MRO service providers and airlines across the globe, including working with some of the world’s largest carriers. 

By leveraging SkySelect’s AI platform, JetBlue Airways was able to digitize its procurement system and lean into automation. A lot of the airline’s sourcing was able to be automated, leading to a 5x efficiency gain. Not only was the airline able to work faster, but also more effectively. 

All of these performance gains have led to significant cost savings, which are projected to increase over time as the partnership between SkySelect and JetBlue Airways matures.

After the first week working with SkySelect, I could process 3-4 times as many part requirements as before. We've significantly boosted our productivity by automating low-dollar, high-volume part transactions, and focusing our time and effort on high-value tasks. We are a small team in comparison to our fleet size of nearly 300 aircraft, so SkySelect's Procurement AI has been crucial to scaling our operations.
Nicole Mena
Buyer at JetBlue Airways
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