Flagship Carrier Avianca to Leverage SkySelect’s Procurement AI Platform to Lead Its Digital Transformation

Avianca aims to digitize its operations and bring automation to its procurement processes by leveraging AI-powered technology.

San Francisco | May 9, 2024 — SkySelect, the procurement AI platform for aircraft parts purchasing, announced the signing of Avianca to a commercial agreement to facilitate the airline's parts procurement process via its AI platform. 

SkySelect will be a key partner in the flagship carrier’s ongoing digitalization initiative. Being in service for over 100 years as the world’s second oldest airline, Avianca has not only stayed in business but has been successful throughout its history because of its adaptability. In recent years, the flagship carrier has invested a great deal of time and resources into digital transformation

While much of that has been invested into commercial functions, the airline also sees an opportunity to improve its operational measures, and this is where SkySelect comes in. Avianca aims to digitize its operations and bring automation to its procurement processes by leveraging AI-powered technology. 

"SkySelect has improved processes within our organization, specifically in the supply chain. Over the past year, we have dedicated ourselves to enhancing operational efficiency and effectiveness through process evaluation, optimization and automation. SkySelect has been an important part of our procurement workflows, providing us access to an increased network of suppliers and offering innovative procurement solutions tailored to our specific needs. Through our partnership, we have significantly reduced procurement cycle times, improved inventory management, and realized cost savings through competitive pricing and strategic sourcing strategies," said Luis Angel Rodriguez Molano, Technical Procurement Coordinator, at Avianca.

Avianca is looking to surmount tech ops challenges related to the supply chain. Specifically, Avianca has been faced with the following operational challenges:

  • Resource shortage
  • Lead-time issues
  • Missed cost savings opportunities
  • AOGs stemming from lack of availability of routine parts
  • Long procurement processing times
  • Lack of supply chain visibility and analytics due to manual processes.

Avianca’s main objective with SkySelect is to reduce the quantity of inventory that they have and reduce the amount of tedious administrative part of the buying process so its team can focus on higher-level needle-moving tasks. 

“Avianca and SkySelect are a perfect match because of our shared vision of wanting to improve the aviation supply chain through digitalization and technology,” said Tulika Dayal, Founder and Chief Experience Officer, at SkySelect. “We cannot wait to provide a blueprint for how all other airlines can and should transact aircraft parts by leveraging AI and automation.” 

SkySelect is an ideal partner for Avianca because of its track record as a pioneering company and its practical use of technology. 

“Leveraging SkySelect’s experienced team and AI-enabled procurement technology, will be vital to the digital transformation of our entire aircraft parts procurement process, said Jonathan Wehdeking Puentes, Senior Supply Chain Manager at Avianca. “There’s no doubt that SkySelect will help us be more efficient, reduce costs and keep us more focused on important tasks.”