Why Part Delays Happen, How to Measure Their Impact & What to Do to Improve Your Supply Chain

Over the last several years, the global supply chain has been in upheaval. The world’s economy has experienced rising costs, logistic complexities and significant delays. 

The aviation industry has been no different as airlines and MROs have scrambled to procure parts to keep fleets off the ground and in the air. 

However, it hasn’t been easy as long lead times have made it difficult to avoid delays and interruptions. We’ll dive into the topic to uncover why this is happening, what the implications are and how it can be prevented. Specifically in the ebook, we'll cover:

  • Why Inaccurate Information is Leading to Massive Lead Times
  • How to Measure the Cost of Delayed Routine Parts
  • Understanding Direct & Indirect Costs
  • How to Mitigate Delays & Disruptions
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