Airlines Leaning into SkySelect’s Procurement AI to Lead Digital Transformation of Their Parts Procurement Processes

As AI adoption increases in aviation, airlines and MROs are flocking to SkySelect to become more efficient, save money and reduce purchasing cycle times.

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In recent months, SkySelect has struck deals with many airlines and MROs to leverage SkySelect’s Procurement AI Platform to lead digital transformation initiatives and overhaul their parts procurement processes.

The organization has signed several global airlines and MROs over the course of the calendar, including JetBlue and Avianca. 

JetBlue and Avianca alone represent a market with a combined fleet of over 400 aircraft, and have experienced exceptional results with SkySelect’s Procurement AI.

"After the first week working with SkySelect, I could process 3-4 times as many part requirements as before. We've significantly boosted our productivity by automating low-dollar, high-volume part transactions, and focusing our time and effort on high-value tasks. We are a small team in comparison to our fleet size of nearly 300 aircraft, so SkySelect's Procurement AI has been crucial to scaling our operations,” said Nicole Mena, Buyer at JetBlue Airways

In JetBlue's case, they have 5x’ed their efficiency by leveraging AI to automate manual processes. 

"SkySelect has improved processes within our organization, specifically in the supply chain. Over the past year, we have dedicated ourselves to enhancing operational efficiency and effectiveness through process evaluation, optimization and automation. SkySelect has been an important part of our procurement workflows, providing us access to an increased network of suppliers and offering innovative procurement solutions tailored to our specific needs. Through our partnership, we have significantly reduced procurement cycle times, improved inventory management, and realized cost savings through competitive pricing and strategic sourcing strategies," said Luis Angel Rodriguez Molano, Technical Procurement Coordinator, at Avianca.

In total, SkySelect has processed more than $5 billion in new aircraft parts transactions recently.  This milestone comes on the heels of a 12 month period, which saw $1.5 billion in transactions in that timeframe, thanks to onboarding several new customers.

Airlines can start working with SkySelect via a two-week pilot where SkySelect configures the platform to the airline's processes and business requirements.

The pilot is made easy where no integration is required to get started.The pilot goes live on a defined scope of demand, so airline's can see the benefits, which include:

  • Reduction of purchasing cycle time
  • Increase in Efficiency
  • Increase in Cost savings

The results of the pilot becomes the basis for a business case from which a long-term roadmap is defined. The process doesn't stop after the pilot. Airlines go directly from the pilot to the live engagement. Without stopping the automation, the full integrations are worked on tailored to the airlines' systems. For example, AMOS customers can be integrated within a day. 

Also signifying the traction of the organization’s Procurement AI platform, SkySelect was the recipient of the Gold Tech Supplier Award given out by ALTA - Latin American & Caribbean Air Transport Association!

The organization won the award for excelling in customer support, turn-around time and overall quality. 

The award is given out based on the ratings provided by 22 airlines from the Suppliers’ Assessment, a powerful tool promoted by ALTA that helps identify the most important areas of opportunities in the procurement and MRO in the region, as well as the best practices.

By all projections, we are still at the early stage of artificial intelligence penetrating the aviation market. The global artificial intelligence in aviation market size was estimated at US$ 653.74 million in 2021 and it is expected to surpass around US$ 9,985.86 million by 2030 with a registered CAGR of 35.38% from 2022 to 2030.

“We love working with airlines with the size and statute of JetBlue and Avianca because it shows off the true abilities of Procurement AI. By leveraging our expertise and technology, we’ve been able to help these airlines through digital transformation and scale their operations to support hundreds of aircraft,”  said Tulika Dayal, CXO & co-founder at SkySelect.