[Video] Air Canada Senior Leader Discusses Women's Representation in Aviation

Leveling the playing field and reshaping the future of the aviation industry.

Tulika Dayal, Chief Experience Officer & Co-founder at SkySelect, had the opportunity to interview Grace Regillo, Senior Director, Strategic Procurement – ACM and Technical Services at Air Canada. 

During this interactive fireside chat, they discussed how female leaders feel about working in the aviation industry, their career opportunities, and what they would change to achieve greater success. 

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About the guest speaker

Grace has worked at Air Canada for 25 years in various finance roles. She has been driving the procurement department since 2011, supporting Maintenance and Technical Services.

She has been on the board of directors of the Aircraft Suppliers Association since 2015 and Participated in the Women Initiative Foundation Leadership Course (Paris 2019)

Grace holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Major in Finance & International Business). She is married and is a mother of 2 daughters. 

“So if there was one thing that I would love to change, it would be to make sure that at least we (airlines) have a certain level of the same rules and regulations that make it more of a fair play or a fair game,” said Grace Regillo during her interview with SkySelect.

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