Live webinar: How to effectively leverage technology in the MRO Supply Chain

Thursday, 16 June 2022 4pm GMT+2 / 10am ET

The MRO supply chain is offline, slow, opaque, expensive, and inefficient. Recent events such as Covid, economic sanctions, re-routing, and no-fly zones have only confounded supply chain disruptions and further illustrated the need for change.

Airlines across the globe are looking for new strategies to achieve greater cost savings and resource efficiency, and digital transformation is a key driver on their agenda.

Tired of firefighting? This interactive 40-minute webinar explores MRO supply chain challenges, market drivers, and growth strategies. During this live event, we will share experiences and best practices on how airlines can effectively leverage technology, solve resource efficiency, and increase business margins.

Iván Vallejo González
Director Strategy and Supply Chain at Iberia
Patrick Coval
Innovation & Product Development Design at SkyThread / former MD, Tech Ops Supply Chain at United Airlines
Erkki Brakmann
CEO at SkySelect
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