SkySelect Helps Magnetic MRO Fully Integrate the Supply Chain of Aircraft Parts

SkySelect and Magnetic MRO are unlocking tangible cost savings in aircraft maintenance through a fully integrated supply chain of aircraft parts.

SkySelect, an extended purchasing arm for aircraft material powered by robotic process automation, announced the extension of its contract with its strategic customer Magnetic MRO, a global provider of EASA, FAA and CAAC-certified Total Technical Care and Asset Management solutions. Together, the two companies are unlocking tangible cost savings in aircraft maintenance through a fully integrated supply chain of aircraft parts on top of world-class expertise and customer service.

“SkySelect is a long-time partner of ours because of their unique ability to provide both technical innovation and unrivaled customer support,” said Kaarle Karp, Head of Supply Chain at Magnetic MRO.

“We are in the 21st century and we are used to having access to info in real-time. But for aircraft material, it’s not the case, we are still buying parts like we did 30 years ago. With its unique technology-enabled approach SkySelect can process thousands of part requirements 24/7 to deliver meaningful savings of 20% or more with a fully automated ordering process.”

More specifically, SkySelect acts as an extended purchasing arm to airlines and MROs. They empower people with technology and algorithms to do the work of matching real-time demand from buyers with supply. The process scales up and down automatically depending on demand.

“The opportunity has never been greater to save on aircraft material. There is an abundance of excess inventory available today, arguably, more than during any other prior period in commercial aviation history,” said Erkki Brakmann, CEO and Founder. “However, best deals and savings will not wait and are often passed up because hunting for such deals is labor-intensive, requiring knowledge, data and managing more suppliers.”

“As airlines cut costs and reduce staff, they are forced to do more with less, which only worsens the already existing operational inefficiencies,” said Erkki Brakmann, CEO and Founder, SkySelect.

SkySelect integrates the supply chain in a way that eliminates manual effort by having fewer orders and suppliers to manage, while also driving tangible cost savings by working closely with buyers and sellers and constantly searching for the best options from the market.

“There are many more supply chain opportunities in the aviation market than you can see on a daily basis. The part you are searching for might be lying on someone’s shelf not used. SkySelect helps Magnetic MRO to find hidden gems in the aviation market and deliver them with great cost savings and superb quality,” said Natalja Lagno, Strategic Purchasing Manager, Magnetic MRO.

Unlock unlimited capacity with an eProcurement-as-a-Service platform.

SkySelect is an eProcurement-as-a-Service platform for aircraft material. We combine people, processes, and technology to enable airlines to digitize and automate material purchasing for leaner and more asset-light operations.