Keeping Teams Together While Being So Far Apart

Through it all, SkySelect has stayed united and stuck together by always making time for one another, even across 10 different time zones.

By George Ladkany

This isn’t a post about hardship, it’s about resilience. It’s about being grateful for the strength that we’ve found in ourselves, our families, and our teammates during COVID, and the lengths we’ll go to stay connected to each other. 

This year has challenged everyone and every team differently. Aviation has especially been tested. We find ourselves fortunate enough to work with a very diverse team spread across 10 time zones and five countries.

You may find it strange to read “fortunate” and “10 time zones'' in the same sentence - but it has taught us the importance of committing to and making time for each other. 

Whether it has been very early morning meetings or late-night check-ins, we’ve made time for each other, every single day. Across every department.

Whether it’s your team, your friends across town, or across the globe, it’s the small interactions that give us strength. They make for better personal relationships, teams, and…... give us all a little more sanity in uncertain times.

So, from our Skyselect family to yours, here's to staying together!