Do More with Less! Automate Your Purchasing with SkySelect

Discover how you can do more with less by enlisting SkySelect as your parts purchasing technology, saving you both time and money.

By SkySelect Product

Doing more with less - our features at a glance

2020 was a challenging year for us all. It required everyone to learn how to do more work with fewer resources. So, SkySelect dedicated most of last year to building solutions that free up your time from routine work and let you focus your expertise on the things that matter most.

  • Demand is imported automatically - without IT
  • Sourcing starts automatically
  • Award the best suppliers using your business rules
  • RFQs & Automated Awarding get a new look and better process

+50% of SkySelect Users are already Automating their Purchasing!

Demand Ingestion - with No-IT required ⚙️

Eliminate the need to create RFQs manually and start sourcing requisitions before your day even starts. SkySelect can connect easily, even with a simple report, and generate RFQs automatically based on your requisitions.

  • No manual work required
  • Automatic consolidation of demand across buyers and teams
  • Connect through a simple file, email, or more with an API

Automated Sourcing & Multi-Round RFQs 1️⃣ 2️⃣ 3️⃣

With the Multi-Round feature, SkySelect runs RFQs automatically using your business rules. It decides which suppliers should be invited at different stages and then runs the whole process automatically.

  • RFQ process finishes as soon as you get enough viable quotes
  • Any parts that need a decision are put into a clear queue for action
  • Let suppliers focus where additional quotes are needed the most

Automated Awarding 🆕 🏆

Let SkySelect automatically pick the best option for you or highlight the details that require expert attention and decision. Reduce the entire total cost of ownership!

  • Optimize direct costs
  • Reduce shipping & overhead costs
  • Easily spot UOM, quantity, and other mismatches

RFQs and Automated Awarding get a new look 📇

It can be tedious to navigate hundreds of open requirements and make sure you stay on top of things. Our new RFQ management process along with the new Awarding section will transform this experience.

  • Control towers make sure you know the status of every part
  • Focus on the items that need your attention the most
  • SkySelect groups suppliers & creates POs for you!
  • Automatically sends feedback to the suppliers

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