JOIN OUR TEAM AND HELP US disrupt the aviation industry by making air travel safer and more accessible for everyone.

SkySelect is an enterprise marketplace for the $100B airline industry. SkySelect was founded in 2017 with a clear mission to connect aircraft parts buyers and sellers through seamless transactions. We are a fast-growing company with offices in San Francisco (US) and Tallinn (Estonia).

SkySelect is a product-first company. We believe in consumerization of the enterprise powered by real-time data, powerful analytics, meaningful user interactions and well-designed interfaces. We aim to empower our users and turn them into superheroes inside their respective organizations.


Openness & Transparency

Honesty and ethics in how we work with each other and with our partners and customers. We value Internal and external transparency and are unrestricted and open about our intentions. There are no hidden agendas.

Customers come first

Customer success is at the heart of our mission. We take constant regard to customer impact and value. Collective user empathy; emotions are as important in human interactions as in software experiences.

Pride of Workmanship & Value

Autonomy and team empowerment leads to unbelievable breakthroughs and value through creative solutions and innovation. Product quality shows our commitment to our customers and to ourselves. Our work and contributions are the biggest intrinsic motivators. Always contribute more in value than what is received in return.

Team events and celebrations
We work hard and play hard! We focus on building a lasting culture of teamwork and innovation. We have hackathons, offsites, and all-inclusive team events throughout the year to celebrate our continued success.
Competitive Salary
We pride ourselves on being fair and competitive with our compensation. We want to attract and retain the absolute best people and we treat salary as only one part of that equation.
Professional Growth
We strongly believe in individual development and continued learning. We offer a yearly budget to spend on either conferences, seminars, online education subscriptions, etc.
Health & well-being
We want you to be physically and mentally healthy. To that end, we cover your gym or other sports related memberships and dues. We also offer vision care expense reimbursement for those who need it.
Startup Perks
Yes, surprise, we have these too. Ping Pong, coffee, tea, snacks, you name it. If you find that we aren’t offering something essential you have come to expect to be productive and content, we are always listening.
Flexibility and remote working possibility
Generally, as long as you are productive and the job gets done, it doesn’t matter much where you are doing it from. Of course, if your work requires physical presence for a time in one of our offices then we expect you to be there and put up with your colleagues’ jokes.
Company stock options
We are strong believers in shared ownweship and shared success. Every member of the team is granted options in the company and is given a chance to be a change agent in a growing and exciting industry where the SKY is the limit. The galaxy comes next.
Relocation assistance
Some roles might require you to be physically present in one of our offices. If you are interested in moving and we are equally excited about joining forces, we offer a generous relocation package and assitance to make the transition as smooth as possible.
Health Insurance
This is a no brainer. While some team members live in countries where universal healthcare is standard, we aim to do the same for all our employees by offering health insurance assistance for you and your family.

Growing international team in a global industry

We believe in being close to our customers. With corporate headquarters in San Francisco, our customer success teams are distributed worldwide and supported by a centralized product team in Northern Europe.

Be part of the change in the airline industry

An improvement to airplane maintenance will in the long run improve the quality of air travel and make it more affordable, safer and smoother.

We Support Professional and Personal Growth

We understand that support of growth of our team members leads to a happier, healthier, and more productive team. Professional and personal development is a long term investment in our mission and company. Supporting opportunities for growth, irrespective of role and title.


Our growing team currently spans three continents

Headquartered at the heart of Silicon Valley in San Francisco, our development team is located in Tallinn, Estonia while our business team is distributed throughout the United States, Western Europe and South America.

SkySelect operates an online platform helping airline industry buyers connect with suppliers to procure millions of aircraft parts globally. Our technology enables automated sourcing and order management with a wide unrestricted supplier network. We offer quoting workflows, order and repair management and logistics follow-up.